Interesting Facts About Becoming A Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy technician is an assistant to a licensed pharmacist who provides mediation and other health related products to patients. The technician usually counts tablets and applies labels to the prescription bottles, but is responsible for retrieving patient information and verifying that the instructions concerning dosage is accurate. After completing the order a technician may also maintain patient profiles, fill out insurance claims, stock and do inventory of both prescription and over-the-counter medications.

The educational requirements for this type of technician include a one semester course, which is a four credit course that meets one evening each week. MATH 050 is required with at least a 2.0 average, or you may attain a math level 4. It is recommended that you complete Pharmacology (AHCC 110).

The skills you need are the ability to remain alert, constantly observant, well organized, responsible and completely dedicated. You must be able to take instruction and directions with ease, and have no issues with the pharmacist checking and approving your work. You must be able to work without constantly being instructed as to what you are supposed to be doing at any given time. You should be a good team player so the Rx will continue to run smoothly and efficiently.

Median hourly wages, for this type of employment position, are currently between $10 to $16 an hour. The lowest has been $9.27, while the highest is as much as $18.98 hourly. The highest 10% of students averaged $14.26 an hour. Along with these wages there are other benefits such as possible health insurance coverage for you and the rest of your immediate family, participating in a retirement program and other possible options which make this pay range even more attractive.

The employment outlook for this career is expected to continue to increase as both younger generations continue to age, and new generations are being born every day. There are more drugs being prescribed for patients each year and those patients must have their medications renewed regularly. There is little possibility that human beings will suddenly stop having children, and therefore there will always be a need for people who want a career in the pharmacy profession.

Having a job as a pharmacy technician can mean having a regular income, medical insurance coverage for you and your immediate family, a retirement account and other possible company benefits. If you are interested in a career and are good with people and very detail oriented, you may want to click the link below to find out more information.

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