Insurtech Guac & Chips: If You Enjoy Me, You are going to Bounce [Episode 6]
This is the sixth episode of Insurtech: Guac & Chips, a every month update of what is going on in this article at Plug and Play Insurtech.

In this episode, Kevin decides it truly is time to do one thing huge, one thing bold, one thing crazy: jump out of a correctly fantastic airplane. But what if he won’t make it? How does he make absolutely sure his grandma will get his belongings? To make absolutely sure he is well prepared for the jump, Kevin catches up with Dave Hanley, Founder & CEO of Tomorrow. Tomorrow is the 1st organization to blend a will, rely on, and coverage into a single application. For additional information, pay a visit to

Tomorrow is portion of Plug and Play Insurtech’s present-day batch, taking part in their 3-thirty day period small business development method to meet up with with the leading insurers and be launched into the Plug and Play ecosystem.

For additional information on how to apply, pay a visit to:

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