Insurance Fraud in Florida Still on the rise

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3 Common Florida car Insurance Scams

Insurance swindles have been about for a very long time, but only in recent times have we seen a spike in the number of swindles that have been hitting the Florida market and hitting it hard. When you’re taking a look at something that looks too good to be true, bear in mind the old adage- it possibly is. What are you able to do to protect yourself from losing your valuable money? First off knowing the forms of scams that are currently out there is essential so you can see it coming. From there, you can educate yourself on the diverse ways that you can research any given offer to find out if it is fraud or fact.

you’re driving around when suddenly, someone waves you on into traffic and you end up in a collision. This person, possibly having made a truthful mistake, comes running over to work out if you are okay- but when a claim is filed, somehow the proven fact that they’ve waved you on is left out. You find yourself to blame and therefor, liable for the damages. You’ve just been hit by what’s known as’a drive down.’
occasionally, they may also suggest various repair centers, doctors or lawyers. Always trust your instinct here and find your own. Use your own judgment and not that of other drivers when out and about, and be conscious of anyone that seems to be looking at the way that you are driving with a little too much perusal. Always keep an open line of communication with your insurance company about anything you are feeling isn’t right.

Another ordinarily used tactic is referred to as ‘swoop and squat’. You find yourself watching the auto in front of you get cut off, or for whatever reason, that auto stops brusquely. When you attempt to stop there’s no time and you have rear stopped the car in front of you. Everybody in the automobile is injured in some kind or another, and every one is a hard to prove or disprove injury- whiplash, muscle or soft tissue damage. Sometimes, they actually have crooked correct places and doctors to further help them file these claims against you. Always be careful, this is another area where a common scam hits the insurance companies- to the tune of roughly 20 billion a year. Ensuring that you are following correct procedure and keeping safe distances between you and other cars can protect you.

The last swindle we will rap about here is the’T Bone’- you proceed through a four way stop, cautious as you usually are, when suddenly another car slams headlong into the side of your auto. When the claims are filed and the chips are down, you find that there are whitenesses willing to say that you ran the red light or blew through a stop sign.
in most situations, preventing the scammers from being able to file the claim in the 1st place is your best course- always be aware of your environment when out on the road.

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