Insurance Fraud = Fraudulent

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Have you any idea what the voracity of health insurance is in this country. Well its massive, and you wonder why your premiums are so high. There are many to blame and whoever they are they are crooks. Health insurance fraud committed by people that are looking to make some kind of fake claim and collect from the insurance company for these claims. This takes all kinds, it could be a doctor, individuals and even companies.

Here are a few ways many insurance fraud schemes can actually take place. An attorney can be working with a medical staff employee. The attorney can file the false report and the insurance company will pay an individual for payoff. Doctors can make false treatments for patients and send business to there contact do the treatment and get paid on it with the doctors office getting a kickback. Even writing prescription to sell to street dealers.

Patients also commit health insurance fraud. One, by making false claims about an illnesses that does not exist. Another is If you are not completely truthful when you fill out your application or paperwork on questions regarding your health this can be a form of fraud. It wont be a problem until its time to pay a claim and then the insurance company investigates.

Some of the biggest scams are created by insurance companies themselves. This is huge in the industry and it take lots of organization. They will start a business sometimes not even licensed to sell in the state they are in and start collecting premiums with the intention on never paying on any of the claims. If you were hurt or severely injured and the hospital files the claim the company may deny the claim. You will be responsible for paying it in the long run. You will try and deal with them and they will drag it out and most people will get frustrated after lots of time goes by and ether not bother with it or cancel there policy at some point.

There are so many ways that companies and people are cashing in on fraud and the dollar amount each year is astronomical. As long as there are people who are willing to risk prison time with a bit of greed there will be fraud. Remember to answer all your questions truthfully and be honest about you health or you might be liable for fraud.

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