Insurance Fraud Attempt?

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I hadn’t provoked or even seen this car at all until he pulled this, I don’t know what it could be other than an attempt to get a fat insurance payout by claiming to get rear-ended.

23 thoughts on “Insurance Fraud Attempt?

  1. Roger Wilco

    Yep, that's a scammer for sure. A bad attempt at a swoop and squat.

    You're lucky he wasn't working with someone where they change lanes at the last second in between you and the squatter – he probably would have gotten you since you weren't paying attention to his first moves.

  2. DDS TV 3

    Hi FoxStang, great catch! Great thing you had a dashcam just in case the person tried anything funny!
    Is it alright with you if I use this clip in my upcoming compilation? Credit and links in the description, as always will be provided.

    Look forward to your response. Thanks!


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