Insurance fraud attempt backfires

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A car attempts to cause an accident in his legal favor, but fails and gets a dose of instant karma.

(Video strictly for news/educational purposes).

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47 thoughts on “Insurance fraud attempt backfires

  1. CaptionTV

    He's clever enough to try to get someone's cash, but dumb enough to ride STRAIGHT into a giant trailer…. See how that one goes in court..

  2. Jake H

    I don't drive so don't really understand this can someone explain? So the van friend pretended to block the cars way so that he crashed, is that not claimable? Even though the truck was parked he was blocked off by the van? So could work, no?

  3. Crimson

    Damn I guess Harry found his cloak right before that car did. I wonder if the invisibility cloak was an actual color what color it would be… Probably piss yellow.

  4. Raven Rose

    This was actually a road rage incident, we was trying to cut him off probably so he could fight him….. if you watch the whole video you would see what really happened…..

  5. mikeysix3

    Lol…what is so wrong with getting a job ? Sure you have to go to sleep at night and stay awake during the day but honestly it's not that bad . This lazy idiot almost killed them self and for what?


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