Insurance Coverage for Your Dance Studio

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Dancing is an amazing way to exercise as well as to express oneself. It is one of the few ways to burn calories and have fun at the same time. This is one of the reasons people are getting so excited about learning the art of dance. From reality television to ballet recitals, dance is all around us and doesn’t look like it has any intention of leaving.

As the business owner, you may be wondering if having insurance for your dance studio important. The answer to that question is absolutely yes. It’s the best way to protect yourself from any financial losses which you might incur due to property damages or a liability claim if a dancer happens to get injured. Lawsuits is not everyone’s cup of tea but is a very real possibility. You also need to think about medical bills and repairs to your studio among other things. If your dance studio is uninsured, then this is money that will have to come from somewhere.. Probably your very own pocket. Face it, in today’s world, this could cost you lots of money.

Some of the things to consider when looking for an appropriate insurance coverage are:

– Contents and Equipment

– Building

– Business Interruptions

– Employer Liability

– Public Liability

There are many different choices to make to find a great dance studio insurance. Make sure you select the one that meets all the needs of you and your business.

Consider the following:

– Does the insurance company provide a complete coverage for your studio?

– Do they specialize in dance studios?

– Will they expand your coverage if you plan a special event in your studio?

– What about your staff? Are they covered as well?

– Are they able to recommend ways to make your environment safer as well as help save you money?

If the studio is part of your home, you will still need to get special coverage. Normal homeowners insurance will not cover accidents that occur in your basement if your basement provides you income.

You have established that you need insurance and the coverage that suits you best. The next step is to start shopping. Different companies offer varied options to choose from as well as differences in prices. If you have your homeowners and car insurance with one carrier, give them a call. Several companies offer discounts to multiple policy holders. Make sure you are protecting yourself as well as your pocket.

Dance studio insurance can be compared to dancing shoes. A good one will lead you through a smooth performance.

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