Instant karma – Used car dealership and insurance company gets karma

Watch this before you buy a used car. Used cars and used car dealership scams in which car insurance company scams. This video shows such used cars scammers getting instant karma and shows you how to properly buy a used car. Best karma compilations every day Best Entertainment.
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22 Replies to “Instant karma – Used car dealership and insurance company gets karma”

  1. To think some self entitled welfare queen or dead beat scrub, is playing hide the car from the repo man, not knowing it's a ticking time bomb…such sweet karma?

  2. I've fixed a lot of flood cars (admittedly not salt water) Depending on the severity of damage and quality and thoroughness of repair work, they can be absolutely fine! Even with that being said, I counsel people to stay away from purchasing them after an unknown repair job. BTW "cleaning" titles is illegal, but big business. Always ask to SEE the title before you buy.

  3. the general may be a jackass, but you have to give him credit for atleast standing up and taking credit for there mistake, most company's would just run and hide behind a statement.

  4. Happened to me. Sold a car with a bunch of rust on the undercarriage. Didn't realize that it was that bad til the frame broke in half while driving. That was after I had to replace the engine weeks after buying the car. Dealership said it had passed 72 point inspection. All bullshit to sell the car. Even noticed minor electrical problems at the dealership and was told it was a shorted fuse. The dealership went out of business before I could sue. Yes, I know I made mistakes and have learned from them.

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