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When people talk about vintage cars they are typically referring to a vehicle that was built between 1919 and 1930. Car enthusiasts the world over are all happy to agree the start date of the Vintage period as the end of World War I but there are frequent debates about when the period ended.

The British are very particular about the fact that 1930 saw the Vintage period come to an end. However, the Americans argue that it was actually 1925 and others consider the start of World War II to be the end of the Vintage period.

This period was an important time in the automotive world as it brought about a massive change in the way that the entire world viewed cars. Whereas in 1919 cars were a rarity for the majority of the population, by 1930 they were becoming increasingly popular and accessible to many.

One of the main reasons for the sudden surge of people desiring a car was because they started to become a lot more practical, convenient and comfortable. Luxuries that people now take for granted were a novelty at the time such as heating, radios and power steering which was a major innovation.

One of the most interesting things about the Vintage period is the fact that not only were cars adapting but society was adapting to the car. For example, drive – in restaurants were introduced and motels began to line major roads in the United States.

Nowadays vintage cars are somewhat of a rarity and you rarely see one driving around. India boasts one of the most sizeable collection of vintage cars and Mr Pranlal Bhogilal who resides there is the proud owner of the largest collection of vintage cars in the whole world.

Whereas several decades ago seeing a vintage car driving down the road was normal, today you are more likely to see them at classic car shows. Car shows are a great place for enthusiasts as they can catch a glimpse of their favourite old cars, find car parts that are normally difficult to come by and find cheap vintage car insurance.

Regardless of where you live though there are many different places where you can purchase vintage cars. Some sources include the internet, magazine adverts, car garages and dealerships, vintage car events, motor auctions and car club newsletters and magazines.

Once you have found your perfect vintage car then the next step is to find some cheap vintage car insurance. Insurance prices will go up steeply if you have a modified car so consider this when looking for cheap vintage car insurance.

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