Inexpensive Auto Insurance for Young Drivers

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Car insurance premiums for young drivers are as high as you can get in terms of paying for car insurance. Unfortunately, there is no is no magic bullet to make these expensive premiums go away. Teenage drivers are some of the most riskiest drivers. In fact, car accidents are the #1 killer of this age group. Insurance companies pass on this risk to you in the form of higher premiums. Although there are safe young drivers out there, as a group, they are risky. Insurance companies can’t individually monitor each teen any give some a lower premium and some net. Despite these high costs, there are ways to alleviate the costs and make them much more manageable…

Putting your son or daughter on the same policy as your own can lower the total costs.

Try to see how much you can save on your premium if you increase your deductible. Although this is good advice for lowering your car insurance costs in general, it can really help when you have to insure your son or daughter.

Some insurance companies will give discounts for your young driver if they take part in a driver’s ed.

Try to see if your insurance company can assign your teen to the least expensive car in your household.

Your car insurance company may give your teen discounts if they drive around with event data recorders, which can gather things such as how fast your teen was driving or their whereabouts.

Some insurance companies specialize in insuring young drivers. Consider switching your insurance to them.

Insurance companies can give young drivers discounts if they keep their grades up.

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