Individual Health Insurance Reviews

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Individual Health Insurance Review

 In general individual health insurance should offer a person financial protection for their future medical expenses. There is a premium that needs to be paid and by doing so the individual is protecting themselves from medical bill exposure. They are also making sure they will receive proper and adequate coverage when the time comes.

Hospital stay is also very expensive unless you have been working with an intelligent agent who will give you advice on the various individual health insurance plans available to you with the appropriate quotes for your premium, co-pay, deductible and network provider. (Totally new to buying health insurance? visit the United Health One Copay Select Tutorial)

So what is a premium, a deductible, a co-payment and a network provider?

• A premium is a specified amount an insurance holder pays to the insurance carrier.
• A deductible is an out-of-pocket amount paid by the insurer before the policy pays the rest per the agreement made.
• A co-payment is the dollar amount the insurer has to pay a doctor for a visit or service, as well as for a prescription drug or procedure.
• A network provider is a doctor who is contracted with an insurance carrier and will offer the benefits to the insurer on behalf of the carrier.

Make sure your agent include drug coverage options as well as a health insurance quote on preventative coverage. One option which many people like to have is the ability to choose your own doctor and also your own hospital.

The insurance premium is calculated on a person’s age, current health, and on the resident zip code, and the reason there is a collection of funds ahead of time is to ensure that there is the appropriate amount of money available to cover medical bills when it becomes necessary.

As one ages and grows older, and especially because of the growing yearly inflation rate, the medical insurance rate also increases, but everyone knows that health insurance is a necessity since it protects the insurer from rising medical costs and will make sure you receive the proper medical attention when you get sick or injured.

Always check with your health insurance agent to make sure your individual health plan is a complete medical policy and not just a preventative or hospital only coverage policy so you won’t’ be surprised when the time comes you will need to use it. Agents are familiar with these details in coverage and that is why you need to look for an experienced individual health insurance agent when choosing your health care needs. If you need an agent call 877-991-4249 and you can be connected with a health insurance agent. 

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