1. Hi everyone I've got a serious question!! So clearly we are in end times.. But I'm so confused with the rapture vs second coming???? Like I don't know what comes first or last there's so many opinions cause people say it will be pre tribulation!! But I know just based on the signs we are in tribulation!! Can anyone help pls

  2. I don't write comments like this but dude I love your videos so much! You do such a good job with these dude. I watch a few other channels like this and it seems like they get caught up in the conspiracy more than the truth.

  3. I must respectfully disagree with you. Diabetes is caused by people over feeding their pets! People also DISREGARD veterinary recommendations today more than ever! I am a veterinarian and I tell people all the time what they should do (or not do) for the health of their pets and they don't listen! Part of the reason is because people think they know more than others do today, part of it is that there are more women vets today and women do not get the same respect as men veterinarians, the other part is marketing by food companies of ideas such as "gluten-free" and "no by-products." The labels are manipulated to make you think the foods contain more of a certain product or none of another. I tell people what I recommend all the time, and they still feed poor quality, great marketed foods. . . There are good foods! . . .

  4. My mother is a well known dog breeder (golden retrievers) and has been telling me about vet's and their tricks for years. For anyone who has a dog, do not take your dog to the vet for their yearly or bi-yearly vaccines b/c you can do it yourself, very easily.
    I know a vet isn't gonna want me telling you guys this, but vets make most their money off vaccine visits. You can give your own dog a round of a 7 shot vac for under 7$, shipped to your house cold and ready to give to your dog. There are many trusted vet magazines (we still use Dr Foster's and Smith, they've been around forever) that sell vaccines and ship them, properly, to your house. Also, never ever give your dog cheap food (purina, etc.). It's like feeding a toddler twinkies and McDonalds every day – it's gonna shorten their life by too much. To keep a dog living the longest, feed your dog quality food (like Annamaet, Merrick, etc… Canidae used to be great, but now their food is trash so avoid them at all costs). I know these foods are well over 60$ a bag, but it will add years to your dog's life. You can take the money you saved from the vaccination vet visits and apply that to food – that's what I do. Also, your dog needs space to run in. If you have a large or even medium sized dog, it is imperative that the dog has lots of space to get exercise in. Keeping your dog inside will most likely not add any healthy years to your dog's life.
    If one cannot afford to buy good food and adequate space for their dog, you should not own a dog. Point. Blank. Period.
    The purpose of breeding dogs is to make the breed better. That's the one and only reason dogs should be bred.

  5. Freezer burned meat is a boon to our little dog.. I cook it up and re freeze it in single serve packs and feed to her. Do not have guilt for wasted food, and Dog gets Good healthy food to eat. I do add a few little pieces of veggies into it. but not much. Read Labels for little dog, just like I do for myself and family.. 🙂 She is family..

  6. I just lost my little Maltese to mast cell cancer.a couple of months ago I am still hurting. I just think that he somehow he got sick either because of his food or the constant grooming, every 10 days. He was such a beautiful friend to me. I am so sad about it. I also noticed that I gave him Angel Eyes to help stop the tear stains that are black from Maltese eyes and I sure felt like he got sick soon after. Did anyone else use Angel Eyes?

  7. sometimes you have to weight of the emergency. if you dog is bleeding to death with a big infection because he ripped one of is claw, you HAVE to see a vet. sometimes you have to mix spiritual and mechanical for the safety of the body that the spirit is in. Yes you have to take care of them (like giving them the best food, filtered water and supplements them with vit. and minerals that lacks in everything now). i would have to much thing to say on that subject i have to stop.

  8. That is interesting, I had a cat a few years ago that was diagnosed with diabetes and did the shots of insulin and everything. Then happened to go to a different vet and he said that it was very odd that my cat was on shots because there was no signs of diabetes. Took her off the shots and tested her 6 months later and she was fine. I thought it was just a mistake! Wow, that's crazy that these things are happening!!

  9. I'd like to start making my kitties their own raw food… for now I just read the labels on all the food I buy them. if real meat is not the first ingredient, or it contains soy, corn, etc… then I don't buy it. I don't take them to the vet unless I have too, and have skilled vaccines.

    Also I've noticed that cats who are fixed before sexual maturity gain weight and can't seem to lose it… no matter how good the diet.

  10. Abusing an animal is the equivalent of abusing a child !!
    Love your pet like your child and the rewards will follow.
    Or else put them up for adoption so someone else may show them love ..

  11. I know some people complained about your introduction animation but I, my grandkids and even my pomeranian enjoyed watching it. The kids like watching Jesus smash the bad guys and it gave me an opportunity to talk to them about it. The dog would run over when ever she heard the horn blow and would sit on my lap and attentively watch the pictures too. I hope you include it on at least some of your future videos.

  12. THE POOR KITTES AM GONNA STRACH UM ALL IN THERE FACE AM GONNA KILL UM ALL HOW DARE THEY KILL MY BABIES >:( 🙁 Anyway My mom cooks almost everyday only when its late or she comes home like around 10 or 11 o'clock at night offer than that we eat ceral or baked chicken and give my pets the bones AND MY KITTIES MY LEFT OVER DINY PIECES OF FISH :D

  13. Have you noticed how the vets, etc, will tell you NOT to give your pet human food?
    Quite right, if they are referring to biscuits or cake and the like, but they even make excuses for not giving them our meat.
    Dunno what their reason is – probably something like the injections we give our livestock – but these animal carcasses are then used for the pet food industry.
    The illnesses are caused, as you rightly said, by additives and sugars.

  14. 98% of pet rats get cancer. I realize you may not like rats as pets, but many do and they all report those pets lives are cut in half by cancer. There is ''kibble'' out there for pet rats, but most people also feed human food. Why are these rats so sick, so fast? I lost three in my lifetime due to cancer, three out of three I owned died or had to be put down. And rats are sensitive, that is why they are used in labs. Everything shows up pretty quick. Just thought I would share that.

  15. i cook my cats food everyday and it only takes me about 5 minutes a day. they love it. theyre still kittens so theyve never had store bought food and theyre super healthy and i vow to never give them that store bought vomit in a can

  16. We had an indoor cat who was declining drastically and the vet office couldn't figure what was happening and wanted us to spend $$$ to do some sort of exploratory surgery. He couldn't eat, and they attributed that to PICKINESS of all things. That was BS. We couldn't afford to have "exploratory surgery" done so we had to simply let him go. We promised we would NEVER use euthanasia again after we had a beloved dog "put down" because you know what? I would NEVER have a human relative "put down" because they are "suffering"…that's no reason to end another's life. There is virtue in suffering. What we did was on a beautiful April morning, we took him outside and allowed him to go off and die with his dignity intact. It was heartbreaking, but we knew it was the right thing to do. Lots of people say it's cruel to allow a pet to suffer. Well, I didn't choose when he was born and I didn't choose when he left us. God did.

  17. I agree with all you had to say but I have jumped in that band wagon on the pet ins coverage bc otherwise i wldnt be able to afford possibly saving my baby's life God forbid something mjr happened to her. and I have excellent pet coverage for $32 covers up to $10k a year $100 deductible 90% reimbursement.

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