21 thoughts on “I SPEND WAY TOO MUCH on Car Insurance…

  1. lija592

    Insurance is such BS I'm looking to get a 2017 audi S5 with full coverage, I'm 19 and it would be $1000 a month! that't more than what my monthly payment would be.

  2. Liam Davis

    ANYONE! -know any cheap auto insurances offered in south florida? I have a completely clean driving record I'm 20 and have been driving for 3 years(4 if you count permit) and pay $230/month for basic coverage(For a Mazda Protege5): …. P.S. I love how the community responds in the comment section about their rates. Very active.

  3. Robert Drake

    Just be glad you're not in Ontario Canada. I'm nearly sixty, have a Kia Forte and we pay $2000 a year. I have no accidents ever and no tickets (though my 20 year old son just got one, upped our costs 20% for one ticket). My son would be paying about 8K a year here.

  4. john adams

    With all the bragging, dude shut up. If you have so much money to buy and mod your cars, you should be self insured. Anyone who has that much money, should shut upand stop bragging, it is unbecoming. You are my hero! NOT!


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