How to Remove FHA Mortgage Insurance on my home loan

How to get rid of FHA monthly mortgage insurance on my home loan in California.

If you purchased a home in the last 12 months in California and your loan required you to have monthly mortgage insurance. Now is the time to explore your options to remove that MI and start saving.

With the home values that we have seen in California in the past 12 months, your home should have enough equity to eliminate that payment and be able to refinance out of that FHA home loan and into a conventional type product.

Start on this today before the values in California start to stabilize or even decrease leaving you no refinance option to get rid of your mortgage insurance payment.

I welcome the opportunity to present you some financing options that would benefit you in the short or long term. I only have your best interest in mind. If the numbers make since lets move forward and start the process on removing your MI payment. If the numbers do not benefit you, at least you know what your current status of equity.

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