How to get cheaper car insurance in the UK – New and Younger Driver Tips

Car insurance in the UK can be one of the most expensive things about driving, especially as a younger or new driver that has little experience behind the wheel.
It will always be pretty pricey to insure a new driver but I have a few tips for you that could help out and possibly reduce your premium.
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23 thoughts on “How to get cheaper car insurance in the UK – New and Younger Driver Tips

  1. I Shot Your Pet Bee

    Another amazing tip!; insure you car at around 2-4am in the morning. Why? Because in the middle of the day is when people get home from passing their test and Insuring their car. Insurances take advantage of that and bump up the price. This is my theory anyway, I did a quote on a car a few times a week to compare prices. Stayed up one night and found it to be around 500-1000 pound cheaper

  2. Nicholas Brooks

    Give direct line a go as their not on comparison websites. I got my first year of insurance at the age of 18 on a Citroën C4 VTS 2.0 HDI for £1,500 with my parents as named drivers and no box! I could have saved 25% with a box but I didn't want to get screwed over on mileage. Also they are the best insurance company to get hold of no BS, straight to the point and you are able to do lots of stuff online so no need to phone them.

  3. AHCy0

    Paid £2100 at 17 for a 2012 1.4 SRi Corsa with a box and a max mileage of 5000 miles for the year. Couldn't get a policy without a box for less than £6000

  4. Michal Herák

    Me and my girlfriend are new drivers in UK but we did drove a lot in country we came from. We couldnt find nothing better than 3-4k per year for our corsa C 1.2 2005 …. any advice?

  5. Faiz Fenty

    I learned in a diesel and now have a petrol and i literally keep stalling revving like crazy to keep me from rolling or stalling, having a black box tomorrow and i'm worried they're gonna pick up on it. I just need to get used to my new car.

  6. Randy Marsh

    I'm 27 who has just passed and i'm getting around 1000-1300 for a 2.0 insignia, is that good? I've looked at some of the 'starter' cars like corsa's and clio's and 206's and i'm getting the same price for them, does that sound right?


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