How to Get Cheap Health Insurance – Lower Premiums 2017

How to Get Cheap Health Insurance – Lower Premiums 2017. Real Insurance – Lower Premiums
Affordable Care Act Alternative:
Cheap Health Insurance is hard to find because most insurance carriers like Humana and BlueCross and Aetna have raised rates to unaffordable levels or have decided to not even offer individual coverage in various part of the United States. There is a solution, though, for healthy individuals. It is almost a hidden secret, but it is also a new solution created by one of the largest carriers/insurance companies in the world…..United Health Care.
ObamaCare is on the ropes and as example, BlueCross of Tennessee got approved to raise their rates 62% for 2017 and then decided that was not enough of an increase for key large metro cities like Knoxville and Memphis…so they opted out. Group health plans at work are also a challenge to get cheap medical insurance. Small companies often have to charge the spouses and dependents an arm and a leg and the insurance becomes totally affordable. Group health plans are also lowering benefits and increasing deductibles in a spiral of higher rates and lower benefits.
So if you are in a situation in which you can’t afford the group health plan at work or can’t afford the individual plan you currently have you have to get creative to find Cheap Health Insurance.
One major insurance carrier offers 12 month temporary coverage for generally healthy folks who don’t have major pre-existing medical issues to be concerned about. It is dirt cheap insurance compared to regular plan because they do ask 7 medical related questions and they don’t cover pre-existing conditions.

So if you can pass that six question quiz and if you don’t have serious pre-existing medical conditions that are of concern to you…..then there is a solid solution for Cheap Medical Insurance that also protects you and your family very well……. Sign up for 12 months of temporary coverage and even add medical visit co-pays for up to 4 visits and drug co-pay coverage for a fraction of the cost of other plans. Visit and see if it works for you. Do you need Cheap Health Insurance? Take a look.

Real Insurance – Lower Premiums

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