How To Drive Without Car Insurance And Not Get Caught

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In this video I describe the easiest ways you can go about getting away with driving without car insurance.

36 Replies to “How To Drive Without Car Insurance And Not Get Caught”

  1. It's bums like this guy that cause decent people to have to pay out of their own pockets for accidents they didn't cause. Just had a girl run into my car, no license, no insurance. Now I have to pay 1,000 out of my own pocket for her not being responsible. I'll give all you bums a tip, GO OUT AND GET A FUCKING JOB AND BE A GROWN UP.

  2. Great video man, I like your attitude, keep it up.
    Driving is NOT a Privelge is a BASIC necessity in 2016, like food and oxygen.

    All these people here say shit like "you are not a human being if you are not part of the system" are trying to justify all this energy and life they already irreversibly invested in it, not to mention indoctrination of what is considered to be a "valid" and "invalid" lifestyle choices dictated to them on repeat since they spawned on this planet.
    No wonder government is jacking this shit up because people eat this shit on a daily, and will continue.

  3. Try getting insurance without an address. I called up for a quote and said I don't do the address thing because I am traveling this year and they wouldn't sell me insurance. What am I supposed to do buy a house or rent an apartment and leave it empty ? Do I need to keep a log book of how often I am "home" and how often I stay in other places ?

    If anyone wants to start some trouble, and is good at it, call out the insurance industry on this address thing. I have the right to travel. There is no law that says I need to stay at a fixed address. Again I am traveling, no fixed address at this time.

    And don't reply to my comment suggesting I use a relatives address, commit fraud and give in to this address requirement at the same time.

    F this corrupt money machine.

  4. i got pulled over yesterday for a tail light out, and was honest with the cop and told him i had no insurance and i got a 260 dollar ticket im lucky he didnt tow my car or take me to jail

  5. I had the DMV fine me $659 for not turning in plate on a car that was stolen. It was reported stolen I had the police report, the Gov, doesn't care. I was still responsible to maintain insurance on this stolen car as long as the plate wasn't turned in.

  6. And because of idiots like this, our insurance rates go up and we have to purchase extra provisions for uninsured motorists. If everyone had insurance, it would be a lot more affordable!!

  7. If everyone en masse just stopped cooperating with the system.  I hate insurance. In Ontario it's ludicrously expensive. You pay for something you've not even done. For myself it's a large barrier to owning and operating a vehicle.  All kinds of rules, laws, and fees do not make people better drivers, nor more considerate of others. In fact it's the opposite.Insurance should be an optional choice. Everyone takes a risk when operating a vehicle, and if rules and fines were less, and insurance wasn't mandatory, perhaps it would sober people up, they would drive more carefully and considerately, like human beings, not just numbers, which is how most people act these days, and it's because of the systems eroding freedoms, increasing regulations, fees, licences, eroding privacy, and sovereignty of individuals.People go around with expectations, and blame everyone else when things go poorly. Doesn't matter if you're following the road laws…if you're involved an accident, you're involved in an accident just the same! Be humble and do your best.

  8. Totally agree. The government got people into this mess. This is the same thing with education and healthcare. The government is forcing people to buy something they didn't need and creating rate hikes. They should led the market operate itself. In fact if auto insurance isn't mandatory by law I think people would drive more carefully because there  no insurance to pay for them if any risk happen and that allow them to drive more responsibly and insurance companies would have to compete with one another which lower policy premium. Everything in America have corrupted lobbyist behind them. This country is not a country like it used to be.

  9. drivers without insurance need 1 million pound fine 20 thousand lashes and kick in the ribs 60 thousand times . my partner has been by driver without one and now I may have to give up work to look after her you imaging that you will feel what she going through now. Every I went to work since 1985 without sick time off.

  10. I do not drive a car, I travel in an automobile. I have been traveling behind the wheel of an automobile for the last 10 years without a license. I have had cops pull up behind me, on the sides of me and I have been in behind some and have never been pulled over, gotten a ticket, towed or sent to jail. Why? Because I act responsibly on the roads and treat the other people in an automobile with courtesy and respect. I also stay a safe distance without traveling to slowly. I go by all of the laws as far as speed, turn signals from lane changes and corner turns as well.

  11. Just a side note when the DMV tells you that your automobile is a Motorized Vehicle you tell them that it is not. They said it was again so I asked them to please look up the legal definition of "Motorized Vehicle" so they did and told me that a Motorized Vehicle was a vehicle that was self propelled. I told them that my automobile was not self propelled because it does not start on it's own nor does it move unless I shift it to drive and put my foot on the gas. Therefore it is not a self propelled motorized vehicle. They didn't know how to respond to that because it made logical sense using their own definition of what the law says. . .

  12. I would add a #11.  Don't get lost.  Getting lost, changing your mind with the turn signals, and driving slow to look at road signs, is a great way to look suspicious.  All my run-ins with traffic stops happen when I'm lost.

  13. Car Insurance, another form of government corruption… Just like Obama Care, don't believe me? Here is the magic work "mandatory" is only a matter of time before the insurance industry sends an army of lobbyist to the white house to pay off "in the form of gifts: millions dollars into the pockets of one of these greedy corrupt politician, "something there is not shortage off these days, I mean do you know off any politician who actually gives a dam about anything except themselves??? Anyways… Like I was saying, is only a matter of time a group of these politician accepts a huge pay out, and then pushes legislation through congress in favor of the insurance industry 'of course" so that "the state minimum" will no longer be good enough to be legal… These corrupt bastards will argue that the state minimum was passed into law decades ago when property was cheap and cars where cheaper, even medical expenses where cheaper, but now decades has passed since then, and medical expensive is sky high, cars are three times more expensive, and property has gone through the roof, and therefore, is only fair that we the people, should buy enough coverage "they will propose mandatory full coverage on everyone" to help cover the higher cost of property damage and bodily damage we face today in America!!! Read my lips, the day will come and they will make it mandatory!!! That's is one more win for the people at the top who own everything, just like at how property taxes are going up every single year across the nation, question is, what are you going to do about it? They got you by the balls, either pay up, or it will be taken away from you "mandatory" I mean, what are your options, Vote? Welcome to Corporate America, For the corporations, by the corporations… Keep preaching it, let the word spread like wildfire, hopefully we will awaken a few fools that just keep taking it year after year… I mean, if you have a good job, America is great, but if your struggling like me to pay Rent every month, paying your bills every month, selling your plasma in blood banks to make ends meet, the last thing you need is an insurance bill that gives you nothing back in return… And when something does happen and you tap someone's bumper, your rates go sky high for the next three years, something else happens to me in an accident, the insurance company drops you and will hire a team of lawyers to look for anything within the law to avoid paying my claim, this could take months, but isn't funny how they expect prompt and full payment right away if not they threaten to inform the DMV so that they can suspend your license, this scare tactic is one of their best selling pitches… Preach the word…

  14. something I forgot to say about Car insurance, and your not aware because your state is different, I live in Florida and I would like to follow your advice of just paying for Registration and tags, here in the state of Florida, the minute I cancel my policy or it cancels on it's own due to non payment, the Insurance company is more than happy to send a fax to the division of motor vehicles, advising them of my recent auto policy cancellation, then in a few days, I will receive a letter from the Division of Motor Vehicles asking me to turn in my tag if not, they will suspend my driver's license, or option two, show them "division of motor vehicles" proof to them by via fax or mail a copy of my new auto policy to avoid suspension of my license within 30 day period… And you know what's funny, not only will my policy and everyone's policy will increase in price to help cover the cost of those uninsured motorist, but when times get tough and money gets tight and people have no jobs, lots of people decide to get involved in bogus insurance fraud claims to get paid for "staged accidents" and they will also fake injuries to get paid big time, this also drives up the cost for insurance companies, so what does the insurance company do to combat this??? They pass on the cost to the consumers, I know this because it has been explain to me several times by the insurance representatives when I call them to find out why have my premiums keep going up… And the last thing I will say, even if you are driving legal and paying high car insurance premiums, paying for my car insurance does not make me immune to lawsuits, even if I have coverage, if I hit someone, that someone can sue me in a court of law until loose my last dollar on my pocket and the judge can still take my driving privileges away from me!!!

  15. I owned a new mustang until I totaled it. The car cost 40k and caused 15k in property damage, and had 10k in medical bills. I didn't pay anything. My life went on. With 75k to pay at 23 I would've had to declare bankruptcy and hurt my job prospects. My life went on flawlessly thanks to Allstate. More than worth my premium. Tell me why my 2k a yr was a bad investment?

  16. Bs that cops don't know u have insurance. Insurance companies legally have to report a policy has been cancelled. If they don't get notice another insurance company is providing coverage, they will suspend your registration and plate. They don't know why it's suspended but they know there is a reason. Then they pull over and find out you don't have car insurance. The. Your license gets suspended and a fine from the dot. This guy is lucky and stupid.

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