How to Compare Low Cost Health Insurance in California

As with most other states, group health insurance is the best choice for residents of California. Not only does group insurance offer lower rates than individual plans, but the waiting period for treatment of an already existent medical problem with group insurance in California is six months as opposed to the year wait people on a private plan would have to endure.

Unfortunately not everyone in the state is eligible for coverage under an employer sponsored group plan and for them, private health insurance is the choice. Knowing what to look for when comparing low cost health insurance plans is very helpful and can aid anyone in determining which plan is best for them.

Cost is likely to play a huge role in the decision of which health insurance provider is best. This is the reason contacting as many insurance companies as possible for quotes as prices can vary by as much as fifty percent from one company to another. When asking or quotes be prepared to answer some broad health related questions including any serious illnesses you've suffered from. Once you do choose an insurance company, you'll be required to fill out a more detailed health questionnaire.

Also ask about payment arrangements and any service charges you would be responsible for. Some insurance companies prefer to be paid once a year while others will offer a monthly payment arrangement for their customers. It's advisable to pay with the method that ensures you are not charged any fees. This can actually save the average consumer more than a $ 100 per year.

Each insurance agent you contact should also be asked about the claim filing process. Some insurance companies charge their clients a processing fee for a company representative to fill out a claim form. If this is the case, ask for any available discounts for clients who take on the paperwork themselves. Again, these fees are something you do not need to pay and not doing so will save you money.

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