How To Compare Classic Car Insurance Online

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Comparing car insurance online can be a minefield for any people, with so many options available online at the click of a mouse, it is often confusing, a problem that is exacerbated if you own a classic car and require specialist car insurance.

So how do you choose firstly a website, then a company, then the policy, that is going to be right for your prized possession, your cherished classic car?

You could like the majority of people start off by visiting a large car insurance comparison site, such as the ones you will see advertising during virtually every commercial break on television. don’t expect to find any bargains at these types of sites. They are designed around standard polices for standard vehicles, and although many of these sites willl now quote for classic cars, the premiums are often heavily loaded and more often far from competitive. Having spent time filling out the application form online it can be disappointing to find that most companies on the comparison panel are refusing to quote for your particular classic, or have loaded the premium as the do not want your business. For the majority of the large car insurance companies, classic cars mainly equate to expensive claims, and not profitable target business.

When comparing what can at first appear to be, cheap classic car insurance through one of thee large supermarket distribution outlets, be very careful to read all the wordings in the small print, paying particular close attention to the information regarding claims.

If you own a classic car you need to ascertain that in the event of an accident your classic car will be taken to a specialist or maker approved repairer and that only genuine replacement parts will be used on your car to repair it. Unfortunately you will find that most mainstream car insurers have a network of approved repairers nationwide, and will often insist that cars covered under their policy contracts must be repaired through these outlets. In situations such as this, what appeared to be a bargain cheap car insurance deal at source, could prove to be a very expensive mistake.

The solution to the problem is to approach a specialist car insurer or broker, in particular one who has experience in underwriting classic motors, and preferably has a large book of business of classic car insurance. Unlike in many other professions for example healthcare, a specialist in car insurance is often cheaper than the High Street names and offer better value quality cover that can be tailored to the requirements of your specific classic car make and model. By specialising in a particular market niche these car insurers have developed group schemes for virtually every type of classic. By joining one of these schemes you are joining a risk pool of like minded individuals and similar cars. The specialist car insurer is able to determine more accurate rates for a particular classic and you will also benefit from the power of group buying which delivers economies of scale in the form of shared risks and cheaper premiums.

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