How Obamacare will change health insurance forever

Obamacare 7 million enrollees are going to destroy today’s health-insurance industry and replace it with something much better.

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5 thoughts on “How Obamacare will change health insurance forever

  1. D.J. R

    I'm glad I came across this video. My understanding was that Obamacare was designed to bring in more easy money for health insurance companies and also giving a fine to those without insurance. I also like how they discuss health care rather than sick care. Many people wait to go to a doctor until something is wrong, but what about visiting a doctor when everything is going well and find out ways to further improve overall health? Better yet, put that time and effort towards learning a little bit about practicing healthier habits. It doesn't take an expensive trip to a dietitian or fitness specialist to learn how to improve health. There are a lot of great websites and success stories to follow and learn from. If more people put effort towards preventative measures such as a quality diet and more physical activity, they would be amazed to see how much money can be saved over time as well as prevent diseases. We need to change the conception about health care and encourage everyone to take action now to improve their health rather than wait until they develop a problem and then depend on multiple hospital visits and medicines to cure them. Obviously some conditions are unavoidable, but there are many diseases where diet and physical activity can greatly reduce risk.

  2. Emily Johnson

    I don't know my personal opinion of obamacare yet. It seems like the people will get a choice in what they want insurance wise but being able to afford it is another. Those who aren't able to get insurance or aren't exactly educated on it all will suffer in this instance. I feel like this video is pushing people to put their health to a higher value. For instance, if you have insurance you are supposed to get adequate healthcare to cover what you pay for. Some people need more medical care than others but if they can't afford it, i don't know how this will benefit that part of the population.


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