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“Hello Car Insurance Ireland, how may I help you?”
How Irish people buy car insurance.
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30 thoughts on “How Irish People Buy Car Insurance | Clisare

  1. MoparViking

    That's how they do it in the US too. At least your government is investigating. Here they are in on the racket, many states here require people to carry insurance. Also, they differ widely on the amount of coverage. My insurance in Georgia was about $60, here in Minnesota it's $110. And that is just for liability. Nevermind, that if I got in an accident I'd be fucked because I have no collision to cover the loss of the car. Can't afford it. Actually, I've been completely uninsured for about 8 months now because I couldn't afford it.

  2. Naiadryade

    HOLD UP, are you saying that when prices in a particular industry skyrocket in Ireland, your government talks about it and investigates for cartels? Holy crap.
    Sincerely, A Shocked American

  3. Steve Reynolds

    When I lived in the City of Philadelphia, I was paying $4500.00 USD a year!
    Moved to Florida and added a 2nd car along with the same car I had and only had to pay $700.00 a year for both! It varies wildly from state to state! even varies from county to county in the same state!

  4. Allthe Dovessing

    Hey Clare and everyone else! Love your videos, they're hilarious! Have a 98 car : D. Quotes were over 850.00 when I was insuring it few weeks ago and that was with the policy stripped clean of any breakdown cover. Literally just insured to allow me to drive it, fecked if it broke down! Then I rang AA for a quote! He wouldn't let me off the phone till we got to a figure we were both able to take on. 550.00 with brilliant breakdown extras!! Felt at the time AA were total life savers cos haven't the cash to change the car and have a health condition so need it to get around. When he'd give me a figure I just kept asking him what it'd be without breakdown just to keep car on road and that I'd have to ring around other places etc and then he'd 'recalculate' and cut the number down a bit more! Several rounds of this until he said he'd reached the limit allowed. Nice guy too. Nice to deal with unlike some of the people I rang! I kinda have to say Go On AA you good things given the current car insurance mess!! That was my experience with them anyway and maybe they can help a few others out. Thanks again for the funny vids, Clare! From Claire from Kildare! : )

  5. Natalie Bubble

    I'm driving a Peugeot 107 at the moment- NI road tax is £20, £31.50 to fill up the tank and at the moment my insurance (first car, on street parking) is around £800… Honestly the 107/Citroen C1 and Aygo Toyotas are probably the cheapest you'll find! Tiny boots though but back seats are a pretty decent size haha :)

  6. Kyle

    If you think that's horrible, wait till you hear about the crap the Americans have to deal with. I have a brother paying $4000+ annually. Still a shitty circumstance though.

  7. faeirydancer

    I'm stunned at the insurance cost there! wow! I drive an SUV here and I did the conversion and I pay € 533.14 or $600 a year for mine. I'm sorry you're getting ripped off on insurance.

  8. terrygand

    When you go online for a quote, the site you visit attaches Cookies and this allows all the other insurance firms to see what other possible quotes are; this could be called conivance in order not to undermine each other as, so many insurance firms are owned by just a few mega Corporations. Whenever you want to go on another comparison site, always first : clear your cookies and use an alias if you are testing prices. In the UK , where you live and the postal code can increase dramatically a quote moreover, sometimes fully comprehensive policies are actually cheaper. Btw Clisare, you look lovely ! Regards and thanks for sharing……Abe (uk)


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