How I Got Mortgage Free With No Money

Becky tells her story of how she maneuvered her way into being mortgage free with no money. It’s worth putting in the effort to get mortgage free because living without that heavy burden on your shoulders is a great feeling. So many people are stuck in the rat race because they get a big house with a huge mortgage. Then they have to work 60+ hours a week so they can make the payments. If you want to hear the story of how one woman made the journey from rat race mortgage prison to homesteading debt free paradise this video is for you.

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  1. love the vids, will have to pray on being inventive… don't know how to train a horse, and don't think I could take on building a home (even with a kit), but it's a beautiful story… cudos, TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! HALLALUJAH

  2. so when you bought the first land at 25,000 you then got a loan for a ffa mortgage and built a house… wouldn't that be expensive to build a 3 bedroom new home…. where did you live while owning the land and waiting to build?

  3. I also downsized to a one bedroom cottage that I designed on an acre in Hawaii. The whole property is 27 acres but my land partners don't live here so its like having a huge peaceful property with total privacy. My dream come true! With one horse, bunnies, chickens, honey bees, butterflies, a white dove and a dog. I also spent all my $ on it but am mortgage-free and taxes are a couple hundred a year. Homesteading is the way to peace & happiness. I lived in a retired tour bus while building. Thanks for sharing your insights, Becky. Good for You & yours!!!

  4. Becky, I love your projects ! I just wanted to address your comment about Realtors.. I am a Realtor who lives on a homestead on Prince Edward Island in Canada. I can tell you that as a Realtor I care about my clients.. My job is to hlep motivated people to buy and sell homes and I do mostly rural properties. I am saddened by your comment about Realtors! I can tell you that I give up hours and hours of my life to assist people with the most important decision in their life, I work late into the evenings and weekends and even early morning appointments, I homestead so that I can stay in my career during slower sessions. Our job is to sell and using comparable properties that sell is how we price homes. I hope maybe that you will do a video with a Realtor in your area so we could see you become educated on what our job is ! I am sorry you had a bad experience, however we are not all bad.. Once again I am truly saddened by your comments. I was so discouraged to see such a horrible thing to be said from a very positive person other wise.

  5. Becky, I do like your videos…. however, it is a little misleading to say you had No Money. $52,000 is definitely a great deal of money. $29,000 for a cabin kit is also a great deal of money !!! For those like me who want to do something similar…. we Must get back to the very basics of our finances. Get out of debt, by any means possible. Stop consuming (buying) non essential things. I don't have $29,000 in my pocket for a cabin kit. However, I have looked at wood portable buildings with lofts for under $8,000. There are different options out there for people of little means.

  6. Great video, I appreciate your honesty and all the hard work you did to get to where you are today. I live with my family in a large 4 bedroom house but looking forward to downsizing in the next few years.

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