How does the Affordable Care Act affect you?

How does the Affordable Care Act affect you?
In this rant, Dave breaks down the possible effects of President Obama’s signature healthcare legislation know as “Obama Care”.

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20 Replies to “How does the Affordable Care Act affect you?”

  1. So what if we took the healthcare system and made it so that the government is the insurer of everyone and our premiums are incorporated into our taxes. Now I'm probably missing things but that's how I see fixing the system will work.

  2. There but for the grace of God go you Dave… math is not the basis of life… it is too simple to discuss this subject the way you have… it is an insidious process that you abide in this video… thinking that you are right does not make it right… clearly it is not communism… as with many things, when you get sick, and you will, you will better understand the moral imperative of the Affordable Healthcare Act. Yes, some people could rightly be accused of playing the system, but many, many people are not… and that is what health care is about.

  3. Well, they forced everyone to get health insurance so that hopefully, the amount of healthy people that wouldn't get health insurance getting health insurance would mathematically speaking, raise the amount of people, and since they are paying for a service they don't need, the people who already have health insurance will hopefully not see a raise in premiums, but healthy people who don't need health insurance will be forced to pay for a service that they don't need. Though, the though is that people who don't need health insurance getting hit with a freak accident and then defaulting on their medical bills costs hospitals a lot of money, so the thought is perhaps hospitals will lower their prices? But lol, nah, we just subsidized hospitals.

  4. I'll say it up front: I hate on men like Dave Ramsey because he is successful. That said, I love how he thinks he's a "hardworker" sitting around chit chatting and selling advice. Plus, he strikes me as an a**hole.

  5. It is insane to argue that Obamacare is a good idea when you look at the scam that is Social Security. I fear for America's future when its people are so easily deceived.

  6. Speaking of math, every developed nation besides us has some form of universal healthcare, and they all pay less per person. It would literally be cheaper if we just expanded medicare to everyone. that's how freaking expensive our system is and it was that way even before the ACA.

  7. We must keep in mind that many who are sick can't help it. For example cerebral palsy, parkinsons, leukemia just to name a few. I want those people covered so they can fight their medical problems rather than live in fear. If that costs us all a few dollars each than so be it.

  8. All this Obama Care has done is put people that were doing alright financially and completely ruin their personal finances and limit thier potential income. Hard to work when you will loose it for getting a second job. I've seen others struggle with this issue. My employer provides my coverage, so this isn'the an issue for me, but it does affect me changing careers! This has also taken excellent policies /coverages and trashed them. I am so tired of Obama Care!

  9. just let all the sick people die or make health care system completely government funded for everyone through higher Taxes the cost of insurance is astronomically high just for the premium plus the deductibles are getting insane too

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