How Does Car Insurance Work? : Auto Insurance

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Car insurance is designed to protect the policy holder in the event of a number of different situations. Find out about how car insurance works with help from a top insurance lawyer in this free video clip.

Expert: Frank N. Darras
Filmmaker: James Tucker

Series Description: Auto insurance is mandatory for a reason – it is absolutely imperative that all drivers carry some form of protection before getting behind the wheel of a car. Learn about the ins and outs of auto insurance with help from a top insurance lawyer in this free video series.

15 thoughts on “How Does Car Insurance Work? : Auto Insurance

  1. Alvinah Whitfield

    Liability Insurance, No Insurance, Too Expensive?

    How about a Health and Auto benefits Combination Package for $49.00 to start and $29.00 a month.
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    Auto Benefits
    • Accident coverage $500 vehicle damage + $500 for personal injury
    • Up to $500 for car rental reimbursement
    • $300 for ER visit for injury + $150 per day you are in the hospital for up to 400 days
    • UNLIMITED 24/7 Roadside assistants, tow, boost, tire change, etc.
    • 20,000 Accidental death compensation paid to the family 
    • 25,000 Bails bond to release you for Motor Vehicle Violation

    Health Benefits:
    • Teladoc ® 24/7 over the phone physicians who will diagnose your virus or infection and write a prescription so you avoid the ER.
    • 40%- 60% discount on Generics and 20%- 40% off Brand prescriptions
    • Assist America® Global Assistants in case you need care when you are out of the country or state
    • Save up to 65% for dental and Vision care and much more.

    No license, Not A Citizen, the car is not in your name? Don't worry will cover you!

  2. Brock Richards

    Folks! It's better to have your insurance clients call a broker who shops the rates for them, so they're not on the phone with 400 different people.  I have my clients call this 24 Hour quote line, (855-971-1863) for car insurance quotes. They've saved $500 on average so far when switching policies.  I would recommend your clients to do the same.

  3. crowmagg1

    how does car insurance work?
    the money goes into the pockets of the ins co's and some goes to bribe lawmakers
    to keep these extortion laws on the books
    want cheaper car insurance then abolish mandatory laws and make the ins co'ss start working for all those thousands they take from you yearly

  4. realview101

    Plain and simple Insurance today is pure fraud. Car insurance is "Mandatory" because  insurance invests in the franchise corporations known as "State of ", "City of", "County of" and they intern invest back into the insurance companies from the money robbed by extortion and fraud like "Traffic tickets", etc..

    Why would "Credit Score" matter? It's pure fascism, that's all. Its forcing a rational of pay extortion fees and taxes or be punished by the banking/insurance Satanic Crown Temple system.

    That's all there is to it.  Someone how is not in an atfault major accident in 40 years should pay little of nothing for car insurance. Instead a collection of "Rationals" is perpetrated to orchestrate the fraud. Everything is a con-marketing scam-based on talking you into a belief system that supports your exploitation by the "elite".

    The Corporate fraud – impersonating "government" is owned by the same hucksters.

  5. andyouf

    so without comprehensive coverage if my car is stolen and never recovered I am out a car? regular insurance would not cover this? or is just theft of parts like the stereo?


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