How a Mortgage Accelerated Loan Program Works

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If you want to own your home free and clear and you know that you are years away from being able to do it, then you should check out a mortgage accelerated ownership program. These programs will help you to pay off your mortgage faster by adding one interest free monthly payment to the premium to your payments each year. This one payment can really add up, especially since the payment goes entirely to your principal and not to the interest on your mortgage account.

So how does it work? The theory behind the mortgage accelerated ownership program is simple and easy to understand. Start with this:

  • There are 52 weeks in a year.
  • You are paid (in most cases) every 2 weeks.
  • That means that you get paid 26 times in a year.
  • In most cases, you take your 2 paychecks a month together to pay for your mortgage.
  • So you pay your mortgage 12 times a year – that’s 24 paychecks.

Where do the other two paychecks go? In most cases, nowhere. Those two “extra” paychecks get placed into a savings account or worse yet; they are spent as soon as they come in since they are “extra”. With a mortgage accelerated loan program, however, those two extra paychecks go right onto your mortgage to create a 13th monthly payment every year, dropping your principal balance by the full amount of a month’s mortgage payment.

There are several ways to do this kind of program, one of which is to simply add a certain amount to your own monthly payment all by yourself. The problem with this is that because you are not enrolled in any special program with your bank, you might be tempted to slack off when there are other better things to spend your money on. Unfortunately, it seems as if there is always something better to spend your money on than extra mortgage payments, and the “program” simply doesn’t work unless you are dedicated to making it work.

A better option is to find out from your bank if you can enroll in a mortgage accelerated loan program through them. They will either bill you every other week for the amount of half your normal mortgage payment, or they will deduct the money automatically, either from your bank account or from your paycheck. This will help you make the payments whether you “want to” or not, because they are coming directly out of your cash flow before you even see it.

Because there are an extra two paychecks in this kind of plan, the balance of those two payments goes directly onto your mortgage, reducing your debt. This can take a good deal of time off of your mortgage, especially if you are settled into a 30 year mortgage already, and are looking for ways to shave off a couple of years.

If your bank or lender does not have an accelerated mortgage repayment program, then consider doing it yourself. You should write out a check for half the amount of your monthly mortgage payment every time you get paid without fail. If your bank will not let you send these checks in individually, then hold onto your first check until you can send both together. Send them two at a time rather than waiting and writing out one every other paycheck, or you may start to allow yourself to slide back into only 12 payments a year.

Also check with your bank to make sure that you will not be penalized for making an extra monthly payment during the course of the year. If they are charging you heavy fees for paying “too much” on your mortgage, then it might not be worth the money that you put onto your premium because of the high cost. If this is the case, then you might want to consider refinancing to get rid of this stipulation. You will still have to pay the fees for an early repayment, but it might be less if it is done all at once, at least.

Another option, especially if you like your bank, is to warn them that you plan to refinance because of the high fees on extra payments. Ask if they would be willing to waive those fees in return for the continuation of your patronage. They might not agree, but it is always good to ask, and you might get just what you are asking for if you talk to the lending division and make your position clear. With no extra payment penalties, your mortgage accelerated loan program or the decision to accelerate your payments will help you own your home free and clear much earlier.

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