How $130 Knocked Off 13 Years From Our 30 Year Mortgage

In this video we share how $130 kick started our mortgage payoff, knocking off 13 years!


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38 thoughts on “How $130 Knocked Off 13 Years From Our 30 Year Mortgage

  1. Dean O'shea

    Excellent video. Thank you.
    Our mortgage was 20 years originally. I sold my 2 year old Jeep and bought 2 older vehicle with cash. The former loan payment is paid onto the mortgage every 2 weeks. The bank tried to deter us from making extra payments as there is a 3 month interest penalty on payments over 15% of the original amount. I told the bank person that 3 months interest sure beat 10+ years worth.
    We also no longer eat out. That money is also put on the mortgage. It has also resulted in us losing weight. I am no longer a type 2 diabetic and save over $300 a month on meds and supplies.
    We have been in this house almost 4 years and have 39 more months left on the mortgage.
    I cringe at how much interest would be paid on a 30 year one.

  2. Tramisa Moses

    I am so glad to have found your channel today. My husband and I are looking forward to applying this principle and get closer to financial freedom. Thanks for sharing the info.

  3. bay32b

    If you don't want to share this information I completely understand 🙂 was wondering if you would feel comfortable telling us how much of a mortgage you guys have/had? Would help put the extra you are throwing at it in perspective 🙂 thanks!! Xoxo

  4. Diana Coe

    I called Midland Mortgage while watching this… However they do not do by weekly payments…. but when home boy said automatic payments…..a light went came on in my head…….paid first $50 towards principal…see you at the top. .

  5. Miss Hello Kitti

    Love u guys, I followed you on IG. I understand you're talking about debt but eventually can you talk about how God moved faithfully in your life when the time, presents itself.

  6. Becka Siegel

    First of all, you guys are adorable! I just recently discovered your channel & I've really been enjoying your videos! You have so many great tips! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and your own experiences! :)

  7. Anthony Dark

    just subscribed… guys should make money as motivational speakers….yall could put that bankroll toward the mortgage….don't know yall bit yall are awesome

  8. Adam Ph

    I have saved by using a 100% offset ac. All pay checks go into offset ac for the month. live on credit card interest free for the month. Pay cc in full at end of month from offset ac. All monies now earn interest first before anyone gets it. Works on reducing daily interest charge Effectively giving you compound interest on your savings/cash flow.

  9. tocrazyjay

    Great video, I'm pretty much a stay at home wife. my husband pays the bills, I have a hustle job (delivery service ) that I do when I want. but I've always been about paying bills off early. And that's what I do with my hustle $$. Hubby says, well the bills are paid, why do you use the hustle $$ for that. The sooner the better. I loved how you guys broke it down though. We are in the process of looking to buy another home, and I know where my hustle money will be going. he will thank me in 17 yrs.

  10. Aliya Tudor

    I tried to do the biweekly mortgage payments but our lender applied the payments in "un applied funds" which causes our payment to be late & we incurred fees. They don't like biweekly apparently!

  11. Erin Monday

    You guys are amazing!! My husband and I are in the process of paying off our mortgage early and your tips on maintaining a bank account completely dedicated to real estate stuff totally makes sense. Do you also use a finance management app to figure out your spending pattern to decide a monthly amount or is it a constant amount?

  12. rachel fontaine

    I wish I could get my partner on board. He wants to clear mortgage and debt but not the Dave Ramsey way. We are from the UK and my partner says Dave Ramsey plan applies to America. Noooooo way is this true. Some things are a little different but we could totally do it. lovely to see a couple video. Xx

  13. Ingrid

    Hi. I'm not American, nor is English my native language. I'm not sure what you mean when you say; make sure the payment is on the principle. Now, the loaning system here is different than in the US, but I can't really tell whether this is a good tip for me, as I'm unsure what it means.
    Otherwise I enjoy watching you guys, you're motivational!

  14. thecreoleson

    I have been done with my mortgage for 13 months. I have to tell everyone that a paid off home is a great feeling!!!. I'm able to save sooooooooo much! I am 27 been debt free since October 2015 at 26 (one month shy of my goal at 25). the grass feels different and the house is actually YOURS!! none of my friends even have a house and I'm here with a paid off home, 401k, Roth ira, and looking for a vacation home. and done making just under 40k. (I make 48k now though). just sharing to give someone encouragement!!!


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