Home Insurance – Ensure Lightning Strikes Do Not Nullify Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

You are wise if you have taken a home insurance policy, but you must go a step further to ensure that your homeowners insurance will cover for all acts of god, and one that is popular but often overlooked is lightning. Lighting can strike the power line leading into your house and start a fire. Thunderstorms usually occur throughout the fall and winter months, in addition to the typical summer outbreaks. Ensure your homeowners insurance is adequate, no matter where you live.

The number of lightning strikes in the US increases by up to 15 times in summer compared to the winter months and we are being warned that the result of a strike could cause unnecessary grief. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the cost of homeowners’ claims for damage due to lightning strikes has increased dramatically by 28 percent over the last four years. This is not good news. However, we must take another look at our policy and be sure we are adequately covered.

During this period of the year, the weather conditions often mean that more electrical storms will be happening all over the country, so it is important for homeowners to be aware of the risks that lightning poses to property and make sure they have a home insurance policy in place which includes protection for this type of damage.

We must therefore realize that lightning can strike anywhere, often with little warning, so it is essential to have adequate homeowners insurance cover in place so that if the worst happen any cost for repairs or replacement of damaged property will be covered.

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