Home assistance robot [HAMO] Robot

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While the use of robots reduces human’s effort and time, the need for robots increases gradually in all fields such as industrial processes and home environment. Home assistance robot plays an essential role in home environment by helping the household in various types of housekeeping. In this project, we have built a rechargeable wheeled home assistant robot, hereafter referred to as “HAMO”. HAMO is equipped with two, 5 degree of freedom, arms that can carry objects weighing below 200g, and can navigate using two control mechanisms; the first one is done manually using smart phone that supports Android® operating system, while the second one is done autonomously using its own controller, without colliding with furniture or people. Human interaction with HAMO involves commands to perform certain tasks. Hence, Speech recognition and speech synthesis technologies are employed to interact with humans. Thus, the robot can receive vocal commands and speak in Arabic language.

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