Healthy Insurance: Humana And Aetna Insurance

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Two companies that you can use for insurance are Humana and Aetna insurance. Both of them are considered to be top of the line when it comes to health insurance. You will also find that they are the most widely accepted health insurance companies in the nation.

The Best of the Best: Humana Insurance

Humana insurance has surpassed just about every other type of insurance there is. Humana is a large company that offers group insurance, mostly through work. Many people who get insurance through their employer get Humana insurance. This is because the costs are low and this insurance is accepted at most major hospitals.

Establishing a Name for Themselves: Aetna Insurance

Aetna insurance is not as well known as Humana in the health care world, although it is up and coming. Aetna Insurance is pretty much accepted at most places where Humana insurance is accepted, although there many be a few places where Humana is accepted and Aetna is not. Also, Humana has a host of medical care facilities that give special breaks to people who carry their insurance, Aetna does not.

The Question of Choice: HMO v/s PPO

Both Humana Insurance and Aetna Insurance carry both PPO and HMO plans, although Humana is getting away from the HMO plans as a whole. PPO plans enable you to use the doctors that are in their network as a source of health coverage. Most health insurance companies today offer either HMO, PPO or general health insurance. Both Humana and Aetna offer the same. General health insurance covers you wherever you happen to be, even if you are on vacation or in another company. They will usually pay 80 percent of the health care costs. You have to pick up the other 20 percent and have a deductible.

Both Humana and Aetna have health care plans for individuals and businesses that offer this type of insurance. People like this because they do not have to worry about using a special network when they are looking for insurance. They can go wherever they want to get the insurance coverage that they need.

PPO insurance plans allow that the people choose their own doctors, but charge them more if the doctors are out of the network. Many people prefer a PPO because they can use doctors in the network to save money, but still have the luxury of choosing their own doctors. Both Humana and Aetna have plans for PPO.

HMO is when you can only use the doctors in the network of the provider. Both Aetna and Humana are stepping away from this type of plan that has proved to be very unpopular with the public.

You can expect to pay about the same for coverage through Humana or Aetna. Large groups will pay less for coverage of employees than individuals. Aetna offers some individual policies that are ideal for self employed individuals who want health insurance coverage. Humana insurance offers better rates for group insurance, which is why it is number one when it comes to companies that offer health insurance to their employees. Both Aetna and Humana are considered to be stable insurance companies that offer premium health care coverage for members.

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