Health Insurance – Uninsurable People Need it Too

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Every man woman and child in this country should have health insurance but for some people it is nearly impossible to get health insurance. People with serious pre-existing medical conditions may have a difficult time getting coverage. This article will give some tips and suggestions that will help the uninsurable obtain health insurance.

If an insurance company turns you down for coverage due to a pre-existing medical condition there is usually a period of time that must go by before they will issue a health insurance policy. This time period is known as an exclusionary period. In 1996 The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was passed and one of the things that this law does for people is to reduce the exclusionary period. However for some people that work in very small companies or are self-employed this law does not apply. These people must find another way to obtain health insurance.

People over the age of 65 can apply for Medicare and low income individuals can apply for Medicaid but this still leaves a large number of people that will find it very difficult to find health insurance. For people who cannot benefit from The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Medicare, or Medicaid there are a few more options.

Many states sponsor health insurance pools which these uninsurable individuals can buy into. You can learn more about these by contacting your state insurance commissioner for more information as the details vary greatly from state to state.

Another option is to contact insurance agents and ask for a referral to a company that may take on high-risk individuals. You may also contact the Patient Advocate foundation to ask for referrals and possibly even get financial assistance to help with the high co-payments.

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