Health Insurance Regulation: Law, Policy, & Politics

[TRANSCRIPT]: Well healthcare law is a living organism; it’s changing all the time. With Obamacare (or the ACA) just coming online, we’ll be looking at how federal law works with state law, which is still very much in effect. We’ll be looking at some of the core deficiencies of our healthcare system: how people with chronic illnesses are treated, how people with cancer, and HIV, and mental health are fairing, what’s working and what’s not. But we’ll also take a look at how we got here; where the policy was prior to the federal reforms, what congress sought to do, what it wasn’t trying to do, and what the money in politics was trying to give and what it did receive in the ACA. We’ll also be exploring what might be coming next down the road, and students will be challenged to think about where regulation is heading. Whether you are looking at healthcare law from a transactional perspective or a civil litigation perspective or a public policy perspective, the goal of the class is to give people an orientation about where the healthcare law is, how we got here, and giving the people the tools to go out in the world and help solve the next level of problems in the federal law and solve the issues left unanswered by the federal reforms. What’s really exciting is students that are taking the class, in two years will be out there helping the courts and regulators answer the very questions we will be asking in class. So I’m very excited to have everyone in the course in the spring

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