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Formulary (pharmacy) (category Pharmaceuticals policy)
prescribed at a particular hospital, in a particular health system, or under a particular health insurance policy. The development of prescription formularies
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of a health insurance policy.[citation needed] eHealth, Inc. is headquartered in Mountain View, California. Competitors include other online health insurance
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Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan
The Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) is a form of health insurance coverage offered to uninsured Americans who have been unable to obtain
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Hans Hoogervorst (category Ministers of Health of the Netherlands)
Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports in the second Balkenende government. In this position, Hoogervorst introduced a basic health insurance policy, mandatory
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Group insurance
Group insurance may offer life insurance, health insurance, and/or some other types of personal insurance. Investopedia defines Group Life Insurance as
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Death spiral (insurance)
in Health Insurance,” which refers explicitly to an “adverse selection death spiral.” When one purchases an individual health insurance policy, one
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Health policy
This article is about policies, plans and strategies across the healthcare sector. For health insurance policies, see Health insurance. For the academic journal
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National Health Insurance Scheme (Ghana)
The National Health Insurance Scheme is a form of National health insurance established by the Government of Ghana, with a goal to provide equitable access
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Abortion fund (category Medical and health organizations based in the United States)
needed] where there is no national healthcare plan and where health insurance policies may not cover abortions. Abortion funds rarely provide grants
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Guaranteed issue (category Health insurance)
a term used in health insurance to describe a situation where a policy is offered to any eligible applicant without regard to health status. Often this
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Community rating (category Health insurance)
concept usually associated with health insurance, which requires health insurance providers to offer health insurance policies within a given territory at
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Medical underwriting (category Health insurance in the United States)
Medical underwriting is a health insurance term referring to the use of medical or health information in the evaluation of an applicant for coverage,
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Healthcare rationing in the United States (redirect from Health care rationing in the United States)
Access to private health insurance is rationed based on price and ability to pay. Those not able to afford a health insurance policy are unable to acquire
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Health Care Service Corporation
called the Chicago Plan for Hospital Care. The company’s first health insurance policy became effective on January 21, 1937. The company, incorporated
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Mary Hayashi (category People in public health)
prohibiting health plans and insurers from rescinding an individual health insurance policy, protecting consumers from losing their health care coverage
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Hidden welfare state
forgives the obligation on the condition that the person buy a health insurance policy, then the situation is the same as if the government itself spent
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Max Bupa (category Health insurance in India)
Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited is an Indian assurance firm and a joint venture between Max India Limited and Bupa Finance plc UK, established
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Pete Petersen (politician)
outlaw price gouging by Alaska oil refineries, and to require health insurance policies to cover treatment for Autism. Pete Petersen was born in Wyoming
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Rashi Fein (category World Health Organization)
Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and the author of the book Medical Care, Medical Costs: The Search for a Health Insurance Policy
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Medibank (category Medical and health organisations based in Australia)
Limited (ASX: MPL) is a national private health insurer based in Australia. It is Australia’s largest health insurance provider with 3.8 million members, 29
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