health insurance plans – Statutory health insurance in comparison

The statutory health insurance (SHI) is a compulsory insurance which is primarily relevant to workers whose salary is below the statutory annual income limit. You have a duty to be insured with any public health insurance.

A comparison with the POS search can be worthwhile. Even if most benefits of the statutory health insurance are determined by law and remain the same for all policyholders: Some health insurance companies even more costs. And although the overall contribution rate is tied to the income of the insured person: the start of 2015 was a new form of additional contributions introduced. The additional contribution that defines each insurance company individually, can make a difference of several hundred euros a year. With bonus systems or deductibles, contributions also can be further reduced depending on the fund. With a clear comparison of all health insurance that come into question for you, you can quickly find out which public health insurance is best for you.

The tasks of the statutory health insurance

The main task of SHI is to maintain the health of the policyholder and restore, to improve their health or alleviate his illness complaints. Basically all insured have to expect the same benefits. The scope of SHI is defined Social Code in the fifth book. The health insurance companies have to ensure that the supply in case of illness for each insured is sufficient, effective and economical. The insurance company may only pay services that are medically necessary also. With respect to this background may allow health insurance with their own articles of association a power increase. These include:

the nursing home care,
budget support,
rehabilitation or
the prevention of disease.
In the statutory health insurance, the direct health insurance contributions not to the age or physical, as is the case with the PKV. Instead, the public health insurance depends on the income of the insured person. The contribution rate is a fixed percentage of income. Furthermore, the different high additional fee is due.

Benefits of Statutory Health

The benefits of statutory health insurance are clearly defined in Germany and structured. They are paid according to the kind and principle can be divided into:

domestic care,
medical rehabilitation,
Benefits in pregnancy and maternity,
Sick pay ,
Sickness benefits,
Early detection and screening , as well as
Services for the prevention of diseases and their exacerbation.
The scope of services is based on the principles of public health insurance that apply to the provision of services, and follows the guidelines decided by the Joint Federal Committee. Cash benefits payable to an insured, paid directly by the insurance company. The health insurance companies offer in addition to legal services to various optional plans. Some, such as sickness benefits must be offered, other optional plans can be made available. Insured should inform themselves that provide insurance companies which additional services and whether they need to be paid.The health insurance for public health insurance

The health insurance is the insurer with respect to the health and regulates its budget independently. The insurance company has to provide various legal services, the mandatory services and the special services. In Germany there are different types of insurance. One of the distinctions between:

the spare cash,
the local banks (AOK)
operation (BKK)
the guild funds (IKK)
the agricultural insurance (LKK) and
Knappschaft (KBS).
Since 2008, there is a nationwide association of health insurance companies. The GKV umbrella organization accepts various support tasks. A compulsory insurance for employees, retirees and family members. The number of voluntarily insured in the GKV is currently rising at about 5.6 million, tendency.

The choice of health insurance

By law, any adult legally insured has the right to choose their insurance free. Children who still engage in any insurable employment shall, in the health insurance of their parents in the family insurance are included. In order to carry out a change of health insurance, you have to be insured for at least 18 months at the health insurance and with a notice period of two months to the end of the month. If you use a dial tariff, this must also be terminated, otherwise it will be extended by a further 3 years.

Although the Standard all health insurance companies, whether or AOK BKK in the SHI are the same, they offer a variety of different benefits. What legal Checkout suits you, you will find the fastest out with an online comparison. In the overview, the benefits and the additional contribution of the funds are listed. protect health now optimally and compare health!

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