Health Insurance Options For the Self-Employed in New York

New York health insurance for the self-employed is geared toward people who work for themselves, or as sub-contractors, running an assortment of businesses and services in various industrial or service sectors. Often, these individuals make a modest income and have various health insurance needs; therefore, there is no specific self-employed health insurance coverage. Many of these entrepreneurs think outside the box, so having insurance coverage that meets their health insurance needs is extremely important, especially when their health care needs include family.

New York health insurance providers can offer self-employed individuals and small business owners a selection of health insurance coverage, which can be broken down to cover the following self-employed insurance situations. If you work as a self-employed one man/woman business, and don’t see your business growing and adding new employees in the future, a simple individual health insurance policy would probably work best. If you are working as a self-employed business owner that can see new employees added in the future, temporary health insurance coverage might be the best option for the present.

If you were a self-employed business owner who employs between two and fifty employees, you would benefit and qualify for a self-employment group health insurance plan. Although there are other situations, such as a business run by a husband and wife team, health insurance plan in New York can be tailored to suit the individual business owner’s exact requirements. As a self-employed individual, one of the main things to keep in mind is that health insurance coverage should never be considered after-the-fact. Unfortunately, as a self-employed individual, solely responsible for your own income source, if you happen to fall ill, have an accident, or cannot work for an extended period, you are not covered for health insurance coverage if you don’t purchase adequate low cost health insurance for self-employed people.

As with all states, in New York there are different health insurance laws governing small businesses and the self-employed; therefore, all small businesses are eligible to purchase New York small business health insurance. All New York insurance providers must offer the self-employed health insurance coverage with similar benefits to those provided in the small business insurance policies.

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