12 thoughts on “Health Insurance 101: The Basics

  1. Levi Parrish

    HMO is junk. PPO is the only thing worth having. Unless you want to be restricted to 2 counties. Indemnity plans are no longer legal to sell as comprehensive coverage. Supplemental is also illegal to sell as comprehensive coverage. The best plans are Specified Disease and Illness plans that include Accidenal, indemnity and supplemental within them, that has a PPO network and gives you first dollar coverage at a scheduled fee payment. This typically gives you little to nothing out of pocket for services.

  2. Leslie Jones

    The Speaker didn't tell you that since OBAMACRAP was introduced that many doctors have chosen NOT to be providers and are thus "out of network" so they don't accept your insurance! Sooooo, All the lies of President Obama, "save $2,500 a year, won't lose your doctors, you can keep your policy"….all were lies. All that happened to us. NOW, our premiums are going up even more and we get LESS coverage? What other product do you pay for where you pay more and get less???


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