Health Care Fraud in Texas – Texas Health Care Fraud Lawyer

Health Care Fraud in Texas – Texas Health Care Fraud Lawyer, Tonda Curry

While the government is losing billions on healthcare fraud each year, these financial losses are only a part of the picture. The other victims of healthcare fraud are consumers who often have no idea they have been caught up in a lucrative scheme that can wreak havoc in their lives for years.

Health care fraud in Texas can affect unwitting patients in many ways including:

1. False patient diagnoses, treatment, and medical histories
As part of making false insurance claims, criminals will enter false diagnoses including more severe conditions than a patient actually has. These false diagnoses become part of the medical history of the patient and part of the permanent record of the patient that may affect future coverage or payments for procedures.

2. Theft of health insurance benefits
Private health insurance often has a lifetime cap or other limits on benefits. False claims count toward those caps and limits and may result in a denial of future benefits due to the amounts being claimed exhausting benefits.

3. Medical identity theft
The growing crime of medical identity theft can result in incorrect information added to the medical record of a patient or to the creation of an entirely fictitious medical record in the name of a patient. This can cause the patient to receive the wrong medical treatment. A victim may find that health insurance benefits have been exhausted or that he is uninsurable for both life and health insurance coverage. The victim may be rejected for employment based on the incorrect history and diseases that he never had.

4. Physical risk to a patient
Patients who are subjected to unnecessary and dangerous procedures may be injured or can die. Instances of unnecessary heart catheterizations and angioplasties as part of fraud schemes have been prosecuted.

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