He Says She Says | Who keeps the fridge? | Episode 6

Episode 6: Would you get a Prenup and will it affect the relationship?

The divorce rate is still on a high with nearly half of all marriages ending in separation. In a worse case scenario do we need to get a personal marriage insurance and sign a prenuptial agreement. Will a prenup change the dynamic of the relationship by creating mistrust between partners, is signing a prenup setting up the relationship for future failure. How do you feel about signing a prenup? Watch the episode and see the panelist views on the topic.
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4 thoughts on “He Says She Says | Who keeps the fridge? | Episode 6

  1. Chaniecee Williams

    I feel like morally even if you do divorce if you care or loved that person you wouldn't want to see them on their face. furthermore even if you don't have a prenup it's all dependant in the circumstances….especially if you have children. lol my guy just made the point. I should comment once it's finished lol.


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