GTA Online: Car Insurance / Theft Prevention (Xbox 360)

Car insurance and theft prevention in GTA Online, multiplayer portion of GTA V (GTA 5) for the Xbox 360. Grand theft Auto Online theft prevention and insurance.
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46 Replies to “GTA Online: Car Insurance / Theft Prevention (Xbox 360)”

  1. I don't know why but my car just got destroyed by another player but for some reason the line to claim my car is always busy I can't fuking claim it I had it insured can someone plz tell me what happened and fuking rock star fix this shhhitttt

  2. Hey dude! I'm a fan of your vids! Im a noob, and I keep getting blown the efff up when I drive my ass around online… Just had a question for ya… Is the zType the most expensive insured vehicle? Or is it the adder? I'd like to know which one is the most expensive so that way, next time they blow me up, I'll at least make some money :P

  3. I was trying to lower my car and it blew up (first time it blows up) and then I call the insurance and the don't pick up meaning car is gone…if I don't have insurance should I have to pay for it….or am I wrong

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