GTA 5 Multiplayer – Car Insurance and Never Lose Your Vehicle Online Again!

Don’t get mad over trolls, get insured. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed! Be sure not to forget to smack that naughty like button. It’s well appreciated and on the plus side, it feels good to click buttons. Check description for my playlists on GTA 5!

Guy who recorded this for me, since GTA 5 online isn’t working –

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35 Replies to “GTA 5 Multiplayer – Car Insurance and Never Lose Your Vehicle Online Again!”

  1. I just nick a car of the street, or a chopper from the airport. Gets me also anywhere I like. Since I have one of my garage next to the airport I can get it quickly.

  2. I wish i could just get this really nice car insurance I found an "Infurnus or something
    It is a really fast and nice car, I just found it, I cannot get insurance on it and im sad :C

  3. So whenever I play online someone sends me a message saying I stole there car and I'm dead and it says sent by unknown and then j get a bounty on me of 9000 dollars, is that a player or a citizen and it says the same thing and I always die

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