Government Staged Disasters & Insurance Fraud, Sept 1, 2017

chris dorsey begins with An Egyptian initiation, then goes through the datails of the man made disaster of Hurricane Harvey. david dauterive & clifford eberhardt join in to discuss the need for unification to lawfully overthrow the criminal Government. The latest and best scientific, economic, psychological and esoteric forensic analysis of the most important issues facing life on earth.


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1 thought on “Government Staged Disasters & Insurance Fraud, Sept 1, 2017

  1. Irena Hlinkova

    Being a political dissident, Chris actively challenges the established institutions and questions and criticizes the dominant narrative of the mainstream media, which is so widely accepted by the majority of the population. Because of Dorsey's activity he is continually being forced into silence. So, please, tell your friends, spread the word on social media, mirror and support his work. Please, kindly donate to Chris via PayPal. Credit to: Militia Intelligence Report All donations however big or small will be greatly appreciated. 

    Only with the support of people like you can we continue to win and return the power to the people!


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