Getting Pet Insurance for Your Puppy

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Everyone knows how important it is to have health insurance for themselves and their family. Many do not even think about pet insurance until they have the option of spending $2,000 on your puppy that just got ran over or putting the puppy down. At some point and time your pet most likely will need a major surgery. It may develop cancer or drink leaking coolant from your car.

As an animal lover I really hate to see dogs and other pets that can be saved but the owner just can’t spend the money upfront to save their loving friend. For the last 5 years consumers have spent 15% more each and every year on their pets. That’s 100% more you spend then 5 years ago. The cost of a good vet has risen close to this as well.

Is Pet Insurance new?

Animal insurance or most often referred to as pet insurance has been around for many years now. In fact over in the UK 1/3 to half of all people in some areas have pet insurance on their pet. Getting insurance on your pet puppy is an investment. Your dog may never get sick but if he does then the insurance will offset the cost of major surgeries. With Every insurance policy you need to do a little research. All puppy breeds and pet breads have different traits and the rate for one pet will be different then another. You need to find out ahead of time what the insurance will cover. Will it cover regular checkups? What type types of surgery the insurance will cover and hospital stays? What is you co-pay?

Insure Your Puppy or Pet When They are Young

When puppies are young or any pet you are more likely to get a better deal. If you get insurance later in the dogs life the price will be more because adult dogs are prone to more health issues just like humans. If you are looking at saving a few bucks I recommend getting insurance that does not cover the regular checkups. This normally drops the price in half. Yes you would still have to pay for the checkups but at the same time you are balancing out your costs if the pet never ends up needing surgery.

It is always best to look at the puppy insurance plan and then make an informed decision based on your life style and the puppy. Pet insurance can be very low in price and the piece of mind it will give you is great. I know I do not have $5,000 to spend on my dog if he needs surgery but the insurance will cover most of it so when and if the time comes I do not have to tell my 5 year old that we had to put his best friend down because we could not afford to save his life.

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