Getting Auto Insurance Quotes After a DUI

Having a DUI on your record is a serious offense. If your license hasn’t been suspended, your vehicle insurance rates are going to skyrocket. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is considered to be incredibly high risk driving behaviour and causes hundreds or thousands of deaths every year. Applying for auto insurance quotes after having a DUI on your record is going to be quite a different experience from before you broke the law.

In the eyes of an auto insurance company, someone who has gotten a DUI once is much more likely to get one again, or cause a serious accident. Because of this, you can expect to pay quite a bit more for your insurance compared to what you’re used to paying. However, even though you’ll be paying more, you can certainly still shop around for the best possible price.

Auto insurance quotes are going to vary from company to company, even with a DUI on your record. While you won’t be able to find anything that is comparable to what you paid before your offense, you can still try to find the least expensive high risk insurance.

Comparing auto insurance quotes online is the best step you can take in finding out what is available for you. Remember to add your DUI information into every quote request form you fill out so that you are able to get an accurate estimate on your insurance. Keep in mind that there are some companies who specialize in this form of insurance, and they often have less expensive rates.

Having a DUI on your record doesn’t mean you cannot still compare auto insurance quotes online to find less expensive prices. You might have made a mistake when driving, but you can minimize the damage it does to your bank account by comparing insurance quotes.

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