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Who has the best car insurance or best car insurance quotes? Consider this your direct line car insurance to a level of diamond car insurance with whatever company you choose. Whether it’s progressive insurance or other car insurance groups, if you just need car insurance or something more than one day insurance, I have the tool to showcase the best car insurance online and rental car insurance with this car insurance rates compare tool. Before you undergo a car insurance renewal, if you need very cheap car insurance, before you call the car insurance brokers, check out my car insurance estimator. This tool is a great way to learn about car insurance for new drivers or get a quick car insurance quote. Before you research car insurance reviews, I love today’s free independent website.


Car insurance doesn’t have to be expensive to be good. Many top-rated insurance companies offer low rates for coverage that will meet the minimum requirements for your state.

But that doesn’t mean that all cheap car insurance is good insurance. Choosing right car insurance at a price you can afford with can be a challenge. We make finding free car insurance quotes fast and easy.

Get rates from companies such as:

Allstate, Progressive, Geiko and more.

Getting started is easy! Just find our quotes tool on any page and type in your ZIP code. Then, answer a few questions and we do the rest – you’ll have insurance companies reaching out to you by email within minutes with basic rates for your car.

You can save money when you regularly compare car insurance. Get started today with an estimate to make sure you always have the best policy for your car.

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  1. Vernon Reis

    Great deal Matt insurance is a must have I have been with the same in company since 1983 never had a problem with them lmao at some of the comments looks like some are seeing thing that are not even being reviewed like I pads lmfao and a big congrats on your award and your almost to 125,000 viewers

  2. ralph gann

    Hey there Matt. The link does not work as posted. is not underlined and if you click on it you will not get to the page. If you add .com yourself it works. Just an fyi

  3. Kelly Gosh

    Congrats, Matt & crew! That award is AWESOME!! (good call on remembering your marriage certificate, btw lol) Thanks so much for this insurance link, too. Perfectly timed, my car insurance is renewing this month and I really need to make a change, so I will take advantage of this recommendation for sure. Thanks for all you do for us subscribers.

  4. David Cruse

    I LOVE the Consumer SEGMENTS ! Always informative, great data, and Fantastic WAYS to Save ! Thanks Much ! Always searching and seeking ways to SAVE and CONSERVE ! Love ya Matt ! David

  5. David Cruse

    And CONGRATULATIONS ! Again ! On this FANTASTIC Mark of Achievement – and GROWTH ! So Happy to see this ! And So FABULOUS to see the subscribers, being excited, and engaged in your channel ! EXTREMELY Proud of You ! – Love ya Matt ! Thanks for ALL of your HARD Work, and Sacrifices, and to Team Matt® ! Love ya''ll, David

  6. Melinda Angel

    I LOVE IT! What an exciting award from YouTube. You completely deserve it, of course. Thanks for the insurance reminder. I've been meaning to talk to the hubby about a review and it's time to do it! :)


    THAT IS AWESOME just like YOU!!!! Congrats Matt & crew! Thanks for all the great deals you bring us & the time it takes to find them. Have a great weekend!! P.S. That was so so sweet what you said about your marriage license,your wife is one lucky lady to have a man that feels that way. <3

  8. Dan Hollywood

    Awesome plaq!! You deserve it brother! I'm so going on that quote site….my car insurance company who I won't name..rhymes with tyco….when I got into a car accident that I was not at fault and I got hit from behind and have back issues now they barely paid any Dr bills and then were quick to tell me the funds were exhausted!! so FU company that rhymes with fico! inter amy Genie wet t shirt contest next video!! what? whi said that?

  9. Dave Stokes

    Congratulations, Matt!!!!

    No don't ya'll go out and get married just to save 20% on your insurance, it'll cost ya alot, and not just $$$$. LOL

    Nice reminder though Matt. Just because your insurance was cheaper when you got it, things change as do the company's, so I shop around every year around my renewal date.

  10. TnCouponer

    congrats on the award. you & your team deserve it for all the hard work that you'll do to help us save money. one question is it true if you bundle insurance like car,home,& life. that you can save more money? have a great weekend..

  11. Luke Official

    Could you do a review on DJI Osmo Handheld 4K Camera please? This thing is the coolest thing ever and I would really appreciate it. This would be my number one request to review.

  12. kkgforever

    Congratulations on your 100,000 subscribers. You should of had that award a long time ago, well congratulations again and looking out for your next milestone 200,000 subscribers.

  13. Joe Scot Schroeder

    "…other than my marriage certificate." Great save, Smoothmeister! 😀
    Thanks for the tip to help us save money on our car insurance and the stats kind of surprised me. When I'm 75 I think I'll be so senile… I'll probably sit in the back seat of my car while it's in the garage and start yelling out the window for the taxi driver to get back in the car. 😀 Have a great rest of the week, Chief!


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