Former Walmart eye doctor pleads not guilty to insurance fraud charges | Crime & Courts

Former Walmart eye doctor pleads not guilty to insurance fraud charges | Crime & Courts |

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A former Montana optometrist accused of making excessive insurance claims denied charges on Monday.

Gary Alfred White pleaded not guilty to charges of Medicaid fraud, false claim to a public agency and theft by insurance fraud, all felonies. The hearing was held in Yellowstone County District Court.

White practiced in the Laurel Walmart from 2012 to 2014 before opening up an office in Plentywood, court documents state. State investigators say that White submitted excessive claims for dozens of patients and got some reimbursement.

The claims went to Medicaid and to Blue Cross Blue Shield, charges state.

White doesn’t live in Montana, and District Judge Michael Moses allowed him to be released as long as he shows up for future court hearings.

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