Flossie Trice et, al vs Allstate insurance et, al

On April 21 20010 Ms. Flossie Trice a elderly African American widow suffering from end stage Emphasima had a partial house fire, she was insured by Allstate insurance. After refusing to accept 25,000 to repair 42,000 worth of damages. Allstate insurance and a fraudulent claims adjuster posing himself to be a public claims adjuster conspired to delay Ms. Trice fire claim. the conversation was picked up on a digital audio recorder. this is the actual recording…..After the Trices submitted this audio to the St Louis county court a supreme court judge Gloria Reno Clark ordered Ms Trice pay the conspirator 10,800 for breach of contract. in the next video you will listen to the Missouri department of insurance cover up the illegal actions of these criminals. The Trices were refused a Jury Trial and the Missouri Supreme court refuse to hear the case and dismissed it in a untimely manner.. Help have this case reopened because there are other elderly insured home owners that have lost their homes to this crime only to have their property bought and sold by Abrams . also Mr. Abrams used a false name in a court of law, his real name is Claude j Abrams. also known as Paul J Abrams owner of Edwind-Claude inc a public claims adjusting firm in ST Louis, mo.

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