Florida Home Insurance – Private Companies to Cover Florida’s Citizens Customers

As Citizens, Florida’s state run insurance group, is now covering over one million homes throughout the greater Florida area the Florida government is looking at passing off some of the contracts currently held by Citizens to private organizations in order to minimize the state’s financial risks and provide what they hope to be better care to Florida citizens by privatizing insurance needs. This means that tens of thousands of homes will be sent to private insurance provider organizations each year as Citizens changes its coverage areas and scope of operations.

One such group that will receive 30,000 policies in December of this year out of a total 60,000 it has been allotted all together is Homeowner’s Choice, a major Florida insurance company for homeowner insurance and other insurance coverage. Although Homeowner’s Choice is not the only private insurance organization to receive contracts from Citizens it is one of the largest ones in receiving a substantial number of contracts in the near future. This means that throughout the greater Florida area 60,000 homeowners will see a policy shift in the coming months if they are currently members of the Citizens insurance group.

This could mean potential policy changes or premium changes for these individuals who may see their policy shift, so keep an eye out for any changes that might occur in your area. If you are a Florida citizen who is currently relying upon Citizens for your home insurance and are concerned about this change and want to take control of your home insurance by yourself you can do so in a number of ways, the simplest of which is searching online at specialized home insurance search engines that can provide you with local listings for both companies and quotes on monthly costs for your particular needs. Doing an online search to see what what is available out there on a regular basis can help to keep you informed and possibly save money each month by finding offers and deals you may not know about otherwise if do not check. Remember that information is power and keeping up to speed is the key to both saving money and ensuring you’re prepared for the worst.

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