16 Replies to “Florida Authorities: Insurance Fraud, a Booming Crime Ring”

  1. You want to stop medicare and insurance fraud in Florida. Get rid of the "wet foot dry foot" law. This is the law that allows Cubans that come from Cuba to stay in the US legally as long as they set foot on our shores. These people are garbage. They are not the intelligent, cultured Cubans that came in the 60's. Those are the Cubans that made Miami great. These new "Castro Cubans" are lazy, thieves, fraudsters, that only care about driving expensive cars and wearing fake Versace. They never learn English. They make horrible employees, and worst scam the system…only to take the money back to Cuba 5 times a year and right back to Castros pockets. End wet foot dry foot.

  2. I was eating at a restaurant and slipped on the floor and fell, afterwards I noticed someone spilled oil on the floor. I was in pain for days and could feel it about two weeks after. But guess what, this was in Sweden. I didn't sue anybody, I wasn't even offered food for free or an apology. That is how stuff works here, and this was not a fake accident even.

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