Fleet Insurance Fraud – Don’t Be Tempted

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You will have noticed that in recent years, the cost of fleet insurance has gone up and the rates are still rising.

Part of the reason for this is the sheer number of fraudulent claims that are being made annually across the entire motor insurance market, not just specifically to fleet insurance. And it’s all too easy. You arrange a shady deal with a colleague or employee, you crash for cash, and who will ever be the wiser?

Insurers Are Getting Wise – And Your Wallet Will Confirm That

To remedy the loss of profit, insurance companies are raising their rates and will most likely continue to do so. But our problems don’t end there. Increasingly, checks are being made on the insurance history of individuals and companies.

Specialised companies have started to do research whenever one applies for insurance. One of the first to do this is a company which sells predominantly online.

While this might seem like excessive measures, research shows that there are good reasons for these checks:

– Moneysupermarket revealed that up to 15% of motorist would consider claiming money on false grounds.

– Over 2000 false claims are made every week as shown by The Association Of British Industry.

– One in 20 younger drivers already have gotten away with false claims.

– Claims data gathered shows that those drivers who have made false claims previously, are more likely to make claims in the future, with some of them making fraudulent claims.

Whether we look at consumer insurance or fleet insurance, there is no difference between the two when it comes to insurance fraud. It endangers other drivers; it is a criminal activity, and the worst of it? Those who commit insurance fraud are causing rates to rise, both for themselves as well as for others. In a way, it amounts to shooting oneself in the foot.

Simon Douglas, who is the AA Insurance director, said: “The AA has been tracking the quarterly movement of car insurance premiums across the country for 16 years and premiums are now rising at their fastest ever rate.”

Indeed, rates in the consumer insurance branch have in some cases gone up by a third in only a year. Fleet insurance is seeing similar increases, and this is mostly due to the number of false claims. So please, whatever reason you might think you have – Don’t fall into the trap of making a false claim on your fleet insurance.

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