Financial Aid for Disabled Seniors

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Disabled seniors planning their retirement can obtain aid from a number of federal agencies to augment their budgets. There are also local and state government sources for aid, as well as non-profit organizations that can help the disabled retiree improve the quality, and possibly the longevity, of his or her life. However, not many seniors are aware that they can get access to financial assistance, and what exactly they can get from these sources.

Seniors can obtain financial assistance in cash. They can also receive discounted services or free services. Funding agencies usually set the rules for the level of financial aid you can qualify for. All types of financial assistance reduce the senior’s outlay of cash, providing a welcome or much-needed respite on the budget.

Programs for financial assistance gives seniors the opportunity to grow old with dignity while staying active and connected in and to the world they live in. If these programs weren’t in place, many seniors with disabilities would need to live in retirement homes to be able to live their lives normally. A percentage of these services, such as the provision of meals, are accessible to all seniors, while services such as grooming and healthcare assistance are only for qualified disabled seniors.

“Meals on Wheels” is one such program that all seniors can receive. Retirees who take a single free meal per weekday will find that it gives their budget a significant boost. Reduced-rate or free transportation services give the disabled retiree added mobility, whether they need to travel to buy food and other necessities, or obtain medical attention. A number of municipalities can also give the disabled senior in-home assistance for housework, preparing meals, bathing, dressing up, or grooming, which is free for those eligible for Medicaid. Even when the retiree isn’t eligible, he or she can get substantial discounts on the costs of the aforementioned services. Aside from these freebies and discounted services, seniors can also get free help with reverse mortgages that can give home equity-sourced regular income. Some states provide further financial aid with measures to prevent foreclosure for senior citizens.

Retirement funds are already a concern for many seniors, making money matters even more stressful for the disabled retiree. You can stretch your budget and live a more comfortable retirement by receiving or applying for financial aid. Contact your federal agency, state or local government, or your financial advisor to know more about financial aid for the disabled senior.

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