Fight Against Accident Benefit Fraud

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One type of insurance fraud that has been steadily increasing is accident benefit fraud. Auto accident fraud is when one makes a claim to collect money from insurance companies for Motor Vehicle Collisions they did not receive, or repairs that did not take place. Auto accident fraud costs insurers billions of dollars each year. As well as being illegal and costing insurance providers so much money, consumers also pay a big price when people commit accident benefit fraud.

Reasons that people commit accident insurance fraud can include: some people think that because they paid so much in to their insurance premiums they deserve compensation. Others think accident benefit fraud is a quick way to make a buck, and others feel that because insurance companies are so rich, they can afford to pay a claim.

Criminals who engage in accident benefit fraud are very clever. One way they do this is to fake an accident. For instance, they could wait until someone is tailgating them and then suddenly slam on the breaks. There are even people who hire other people to willfully get in an accident to get a claim. They work the plan out such as getting shady car repairs shops and doctors to be in on the fake accident. Other people who are in an accident may decide to try to get as much compensation as they can so they lie about the extent of their injuries.

The negative consequences of accident insurance fraud can include: some medical workers may increase the costs of treatment that one did not receive or increase the costs regarding the extent of an injury, shady auto repair shops may exaggerate the extent of damage of a vehicle and increase their prices, and insurance companies will raise their premiums across all policies in order to make up for the money they pay out each year for accident benefit fraud claims.

There are many ways that people can fight against accident benefit fraud. When driving, make sure you practice safe driving practices such as: do not speed, look carefully when backing out of parking space, do not tail gate, keep a camera on you at all times to take pictures of an accident, report any car repair shop that practices in accident fraud, report any medical professionals who seem to be inflating costs of treating injuries, and always call the police right after an accident occurs. When reporting accident fraud, contact your state or the federal insurance fraud bureau to report the incident.

Victims of accident fraud can suffer such consequences as: an increase in insurance premiums, a lot of time devoted to trying to resolve the accusation, having demerit appoints applied to the driving license, and there is a possibility of even being dropped from their insurance policy. If one feels they have been a victim of accident fraud, not only should they report it, but they should also hire personal injury lawyer to fight on their behalf.

Accident fraud hurts everyone, even other insurance policy holders. It is important to take measures to stop this terrible and devastating criminal activity.

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